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Двери межкомнатные


F - FUSING. Color decorative glass fusion.

PP - PHOTOPRINTING. One of the most modern ways of drawing the image on the glass by UV printing.

        The ink used in printing, resistant to external factors, makes the product durable and safe to use.

CD - CONTOUR DRAWING. Contoured, flood stained-glass windows, created by applying polymer paint to the glass.

         Paints form resistant layer on the glass, do not fade, do not wear.

BG - Black glass, gloss on both sides.

DL TRUFFLE - Brown glass, glossy on both sides.

DL CREMA White glass, glossy on both sides.

DL GRAPHITE - Gray glass, glossy on both sides.

G - Satin glass, glossy on one side.

WG - Without glass. Only for veneered classic and primed doors.

3D plastic adjustable hinge, pcs

423.71 грн

Accord 3 G Madeira pine

929.00 грн

Аккорд 3 ПО NL дуб Ориндж
Accord 3 G NL Orange oak

999.00 грн

Соло ПО NL дуб Такома
Accord 3 G NL Takoma oak

899.00 грн

Accord 3 G Sicily pine

929.00 грн

Accord 3 G wenge

929.00 грн

Adel PG bleached oak

1649.00 грн

Adele 2 G+CD bleached oak

1649.00 грн

Adele 2 G+CD chestnut
Adele 2 G+CD chestnut

1649.00 грн

Adele B european alder

1649.00 грн

Adele B golden oak

1649.00 грн

Adele B walnut

1649.00 грн